Today I’m interviewing Joe Suhre, the principal attorney of the firm I work for, Suhre and Associates. Joe practices in Northern KY and Cincinnati. He has nearly twenty years experience defending against DUI and other criminal offenses. Prior to becoming an attorney, Joe worked for five years as a police officer, giving him a unique perspective on the criminal justice system.

Joe is a frequent CLE speaker on criminal defense topics, and the coauthor of the 2020 Edition of Kentucky Driving Under the Influence Law from Thomson Reuters. Here’s my interview with Joe.

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6 thoughts on “Episode 1 | Joe Suhre: Northern KY DUI Attorney

  1. Kerry Holleran says:

    Love this idea. Great episode! It really got me thinking about social media comments by lawyers.

  2. Jamhal Woolridge says:

    Very informative. I liked the use of a podcasts for CLE purposes.

  3. Gwen Meehan says:

    Enjoyed the presentation.

  4. Amanda Hill says:

    Thank you for this. I enjoyed it. And the CLE credit was nice, too. Good job!

  5. Well done gentlemen. Great substance and delivery! Thanks for your time and contribution to our profession.

  6. Djenita Pasic says:

    This is the best CLE I have ever listened to. Such a wonderful idea to interview legal professionals and ask pertinent questions. Makes for an interesting listen. And involves free CLE’s. Many thanks, Brad.

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