Welcome to Episode Six of The Kentucky Lawyer. I’m Brad Clark, a criminal defense and DUI lawyer based in Lexington, KY. Every month, I interview a different Kentucky attorney about how they got started, what’s going on in their practice, and how they plan to stay on top in the ever-competitive practice of law. Every episode is submitted for one hour of Kentucky CLE credit absolutely for free. Details available at KYLawShow.com.

This episode, I’m interviewing Scott White, who has a diverse practice based in Lexington. Scott takes a wide-range of cases, from white-collar and public corruption criminal defense cases to election law disputes. He served as Kentucky Assistant Deputy Attorney General from 1996-2003 and as General Counsel to the state Board of Elections from 1999-2003. Scott also holds a certificate of thesis in Modern Irish Playwrights from Trinity College in Dublin.

Today Mr. White shares with us his career path, from private practice to public servant and back again. We also discuss the ethics of working for a client who cannot be found.

Topics Covered:
Effective Strategies for Building a Diverse Practice
Takeaways from Public Service
Ethics: Representing a Client That Can’t Be Found

This episode has been submitted for one hour CLE and .25 ethics. Approval is still pending but we wanted to give people as much time as possible to listen to the episode before the CLE deadline. Check back soon for the Activity Code.

One thought on “Episode 6 | Scott White: Public Corruption and Election Law Litigator

  1. Angela Hatton says:

    Interesting interview! Do you have the CLE information yet?

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